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Here Comes December… Hulk Christmas Tree!

christmashulk 010

I know what you’re thinking “Ratchet, didn’t you already show you’re Hulk Christmas Tree?  I mean in years past?”  That and “Orange Pez and Cherry Pez has absolutely no difference in taste, WTF?”  Well, the good news is: You’re right on both accounts.  Here’s the thing though – I’ve never taken all of my Hulk ornaments and placed them all on my Hulk Christmas Tree – making one amazingly Hulk-tastic Christmas Tree!

christmashulk 001

christmashulk 005

I’ve assembled every Hulk ornament I have in my arsenal, including the new Target ornament (Thanks Gammapup for letting me know about this one!).  Every Hallmark ornament, including the brand-new Hulk vs Ultron, and even all the miscellaneous Hulk ornaments I’ve collected over the years and adorned them all over one two foot Smashin’ Spruce!  (Please don’t give me credit for that one – I believe it was the designers of this piece who came out with that gem!)

christmashulk 011

christmashulk 015

christmashulk 016

As you see below you will find the Hallmark ornaments including the 97 Classic, the Hulk vs Wolverine, the 2014 Hulk with voice, and, as stated, the Hulk vs Ultron!  The Hulk letters and the first Hulk ornament in the post came with the Christmas tree – the packaging said they were collectible, so it has that going for them…

christmashulk 006

christmashulk 013

christmashulk 012

You will also see a glass blown Hulk ornament that I haven entitled “The Hulk Blob”.  A nutcracker Hulk, the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Hulk ornament, there is a Hulk pen with a koosh like top that I just made into an ornament, and then some decorative Hulks from 2003 including Hulk holding presents and a Hulk climbing down a chimney.  There is also a tiny Hulk and the puffy Kawaii Hulk ornament.

christmashulk 007

christmashulk 008


christmashulk 014

As you can see I now have one of the greatest Hulk trees ever!  It exudes so much raw Hulk power that it’s almost hard to stand next to without feeling woozy.  I might have to create a waiver just to enter my house this holiday season.  I can’t have people being influenced by this magnificent beast!

christmashulk 018

christmashulk 020

christmashulk 019