Hulkbuster Iron Man Infinity Figure (2015)

meme 90th 018

I have not played Infinity – I am not really interested in playing – if anyone out there has played and wants to do a review on this site shoot me a message.  I do like the figures though – I reviewed the Hulk a while back and thought that the figure looked pretty cool.  The animated style really lends itself to a unique kid of figure that we’ve been deprived of.  They almost look like grown up versions of the Funko Mystery Box figures.  Except these don’t have the hindrance of the bobble head feature.

meme 90th 017

The have released the Hulkbuster now – it fits perfectly with the Hulk, as you can see, and lines up nicely for a Hulk vs. Iron Man battle.  These figures might be on the smaller side but they display perfectly.  With no ability to pose them it’s a good thing they come posed already – crouched and ready to throw down!

meme 90th 016


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