Hulk String Doll (2015)

meme 90th 014

I’m not sure if I ever told you guys this story but back when I was a child I had the Hulk Mego figure – my absolute favorite toy that birthday – but one of my friends said it was a doll.  He based his comment on the fact that the Hullk had cloth pants and you could change him – like you could a Barbie.  The comment was hurtful and almost ruined the present for me.  My brother told me that they don’t make green Barbies and the Hulk could beat up Batman. Something Barbie couldn’t do…

meme 90th 013

He saved the whole idea of the Hulk figure for me and I was eternally grateful.  Of course, I never told HIM that.  Little did I know that decades later I would see something in the store actually titled “doll” and be quick to pick it up.  These string dolls are small, but cool.  They are crudely made but I think they are meant to be that way.  The crudeness didn’t stop them from making the face full of rage.  I wish I still knew Charles so that I could show off my doll and show him how bad-ass collecting dolls really is!

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