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David Banner Figure (2003)

new hulk yup 003

I will admit that I never tried to collect the 2003 Hulk movie line figures.  The market was flooded with everything Hulk and there was so much to sift through that I almost shut down.  I decided not to collect the Hulk figures – not to mention after seeing the Hulk movie it wasn’t like to wanted to rush out to collect them.  Especially this figure – David Banner, played by Nick Nolte in the movie.  I wasn’t sure exactly what they were going for with Nolte.  Was he supposed to be the Absorbing Man?  What could have been a real brawl at the end of that movie turned into a very messed up water aerobics event.

The figure was sitting on the shelf of a specialty toy store.  I saw this one and another – which will be posted at a later date – and I thought for a minute on whether or not to pick it up.  Ultimately, buying it won out because (the price really decent) David Banner might be one of the better underrated Marvel villain of all time.  That, and who can ever forget the Nick Nolte’s crazy rant at the end of that movie!

new hulk yup 003 - Copy