Happy New Year! Let’s Talk Hulk Appearances!

This year, every first Friday  of the month I will be featuring a comic with a Hulk appearance.  I like to choose the less talked about appearances rather than the classic issues the Hulk lent his celebrity to such as: Avengers #1, Amazing Spider-man #14, FF #12, #25, #26.  You’ll more be hearing about characters you might not even heard of!  Let’s start with a #1:



Right after the Onslaught debacle the world needed some heroes.  With Cap, Iron Man, Thor, the FF and even Bruce Banner all whisked away to pocket universe the heroes left behind had to step up to the plate and protect this world.  Iron Fist, looking to re-assemble the Heroes for Hire, went to Luke Cage – unfortunately the man was not interested (yet) – so he had to settle for White Tiger, Hercules (in his 90’s garb), and the Black Knight.  All of these heroes were informed the Hulk had teamed up with the U-Foes to spread some chaos.


We readers know that the Hulk was “reprogrammed” by the U-Foes to be under their control.  The world looked at the Hulk and was unsure what to think.  They knew one thing – the Hulk tried to take on Onslaught and was defeated – but in the wake of the battle they were left with a Hulk that was both seemingly more dangerous and more unpredictable.  Now, with the Hulk and the U-Foes in a building full of hostages this new team (at the time consisting of Iron Fist and a tag along White Tiger) spotted immediately that the Hulk was being mind-controlled.

CCF12252015_0008 - Copy

After Iron Fist was able to smash (see what I did there?) the hardware on the back of the Hulk’s neck, and let the Hulk regain his faculties, the combines might of the heroes – including a party crashing Herc – defeated the U-Foes!  Or so it would seem.  The issue leaves us with a scene of Vector talking to a shadowy figure, apparently the figure head, who calls himself “The Master of the World.”


This first issue is action packed and both hilarious and enthralling.  We are given small moments that gives any fan-boy a thrill including the briefing given to Iron Fist letting him know about the Hulk’s current where-abouts.  The Hulk facing off against one of his classic team of baddies is always thrilling to see.  My personal favorite moment: when the Hulk was asked to join the team he answered back “Been there, done that.” and in issue two he was just a memory.  Never really part of the team but essential is defeating their first battle.  Classic Jade Giant!

Thunder Clap Yes!
Mind Control Yes!
Funny Nickname Yes!
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No

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