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Exclusive Hulk Pop Figures (2015)

Last year Funko released Pop figures related to the Avengers: AoU.  Of course, why not make it as difficult as possible for people to purchase them all by having exclusives in different stores!  The Hulk has two separate variants – one I love, the other is still cool but is more gimmicky than anything else.  I will talk about the gimmicky bastard first:

startchy hulk 002

Barnes and Noble Exlcusive Glow-in-the-Dark Hulk Avengers: AoU Pop Figure.  Wow- that’s a mouthful!  I had the hardest time locating this little guy.  I have two Barnes and Nobles near me and while visiting the one on the Cape I scoured the Pop figures.  No dice.  I asked about the B&N Exclusive and three employees had no idea what I was talking about.  The fourth, I’m happy to report, heard my plea for the figure and… still had no idea what I was talking about.  BUT, he went to the computer and looked it up.  It was no longer in their inventory.  I told him it was alright, thanked him for trying and turned to leave.  He said “So, wait – it just glows in the dark?”  I told it it does. “And it’s the Hulk?” I told him it was.  He asked me to wait for a moment and went into the back.  Turns out, the man I was talking to was tasked with cleaning the toy section that morning and he had taken quite a few of the Pops off the floor due to over crowding.  One of them was the figure above.

new hulk yup 012

The Hot Topic Exclusive was not as exciting of a story – but way better of a variant as it pertains to a scene in the movie.  After Scarlet Witch takes over the Hulk’s mind and he runs amok you notice the Hulk’s eyes a blazing, rage-full red.  This exclusive includes that feature and makes it a WAY cooler figure to own. How I came to get it was less exciting though.  The first trip to Hot Topic was unsuccessful.  The second was better.  The end.