nownow 033

As soon as I saw this beautiful book at my LCS I had to have it (that being said, and me being me, I had to haggle to get the best price possible) and I considered it a huge Christmas present to myself.  This… and something else – but we’ll get into the other piece later.  This book is a class all by itself though – and even in its beauty it still holds something even cooler.

nownow 034

There are stories reprinted inside that are picked by the man himself.  The book is limited to 999 copies and each one is signed and numbered.  My issue is #504.  More and more though I appreciate every extra this book includes.  There is an excellent interview at the start of the book and then we’re served with some of the tastiest issues from Sal’s legendary run.  Each page is absolutely gorgeous – over sized and perfect!

nownow 035

At the end is a color guide – and I am not sure if everyone gets the same page or if they are all different – but I have the first page to TIH #272 and below I have scanned each color guide:

CCF01052016_0001  CCF01052016_0002

CCF01052016_0003  CCF01052016_0004

While I love this book and think it’s amazing – there is a different (better) version that I would have loved to own… but I couldn’t make it swing with the wife.  Check it out here.  Yes, that version allows you to own a piece of original art from Sal himself.  While I was bummed not to get the more premiere book I made amends with this fact because I do already own a piece of Sal Hulk art.  Check it out at the ART page.

Check out these images though:

nownow 036

nownow 037

Get this book now!  Stop reading this and head out to buy this amazing book – or order it from IDW themselves.  Either way is fine – as long as you own this book celebrating one of the greatest Hulk artists to ever live.




  1. Would love to have one of the fancier versions. Maybe I’ll win Powerball this weekend and be able to swing it.

  2. Hey Ryan-I was able to pick this up,and it is really cool!BUT the book’s cover and slipcase should have been GREEN not Red-my only complaint-Mike

  3. Nice! Hey ratchet, it’s me Tanvi!

  4. Tanvi! How are you doing?

  5. @ratchet Does it have glued or sewn binding?

  6. An interview with Chris Ryall about the Sal Buscema Hulk book.

    A Herb Trimpe artist book is going to be released too!

  7. I’m doing great. Glad you remember me. It was awhile ago, and I have to commend you for dealing with me for all that time. Specifically the comments on this post made me cringe. As you could probably tell I was just a small kid back then. I just remembered you though and stopped by to check things out. You’re posts are still great, keep it up!

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