Daily Archives: January 14, 2016

Funko Jaws (2015)


I don’t buy many funko figures – you know the ones I am talking about – the retro, 3″ bland figures that cost $10?  I am not a fan of them and I think they are pretty boring.  There are hundreds of figures of every license you can think of – Karate Kid, Big Trouble in Little China, Pulp Fiction, Gremlins and more!  I never gave any of the series a thought until I saw the Jaws line.  I loved the Brody, Hopper and Quint figures – and the big guy himself, Jaws complete with an exploding (not actually exploding) compressed air tank!


That was still not enough for me to buy the figures though – as cool as they were – until I saw the 2015 Funko exclusive – bloody Jaws with eaten Quint figure!  There was no way I was going to pass by this beauty of a figure!  Rarely will companies have a brilliant execution of a classic series such as this.

If you weren’t able to get this piece when it hit the stores, unfortunately, you will have to pay a premium on the secondary.  But this is so worth every penny!