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Spawn’s Malebolgia (1995)


In the honor of non-Hulk Thursdays I’m featuring something I picked up not too long ago at my LCS for a whopping $5.  I remember when these were released and they were all the rage.  Finding one of these HUGE figures on the pegs was extremely rare.  Back then, with the verging action figure market no one knew what to expect – and McFarlane’s toy line killed it at every turn – including series 3 which featured this huge behemoth of a figure.  While the design of the character always lent itself to pages of the comic when creating a 3-D version it became abundantly clear it is awkward as hell!  I can’t fault it any though – seeing as it reaches 15″ and weighs at least triple what any other of the Spawn figure does.


I remember being over my friend Corry’s house.  His room was a shrine of rare collectibles and comics, I always loved visiting there.  He went into his closet looking for something and pulled out one of these figures.  He says “Have you ever seen one of these?” My mouth dropped and I said might have yelled “No!” a little too loud.  Before I could even finish marveling at the gem he just showed me he pulled out another and said “…and here’s the maroon repaint”.  Keep in mind, this was at the time when the figures were running $50-75 on the secondary market.  Nowadays, the prices are all over the map.  Anyone can find this piece for between $6-$50 so really, it’s up to you how much you want to pay!


These days, Corry owns one of the greatest comic shops in the world – Zapp Comics in Wayne NJ – so if you ever have the inclination make a point to go in and say hello.  And… you know, buy comics.  For me.  Buy comics for me and send them to me.  Hmmmmm… I’ll have to ask him if he still has the Malebolgia figure he showed me all those years ago…