Talking Plush Hulk and Hulkbuster (2016)

newhulk stuff 001

I might have a problem.  My plush Hulk collection is going to outgrow my current container.  There are so many and I can’t help but buy one when I see them.  Especially plushes with shaggy, black hair.  This little guy has a step above his other soft buddies – this guy talks!  He has a few phrases and the voice is an adorable grumble that gives out the warning “Don’t make Hulk angry!” and “No one beats the Hulk!”

newhulk stuff 003

newhulk stuff 002

The other fantastic difference with this line is the fact that they chose to add a plush Hulkbuster!  A first, in this scale, which is why I couldn’t resist.  If you ask me, there is no way you can have one without the other.  By the way, did you guys out there read the reason the satellite carrying the Hulkbuster armor was aptly named Veronica?


As Whedon explained, Robert Downy Jr. and he were discussing this scene – and I can’t exactly remember who thought of the idea – but my money is on Downey Jr. – he said that since Banner is so in love with a woman named Betty – his Hulkbuster satellite should be named Veronica.  You know, Betty and Veronica?  From the Archie comics.  Anyways, here is a shot of the two new plushes.  Go out there and get them!



4 responses to “Talking Plush Hulk and Hulkbuster (2016)

  1. Hey, sorry to post wildly (HULK POST WHERE HE WANTS!!!), but I don’t see a way to get ahold of you otherwise… I’m trying to find a very particular Hulk figurine I had as a kid, and I’m having no luck. Think you could lend a hand?

    • What are you looking for?

      • Thanks for replying!

        So as a kid I had this Hulk figurine. This would’ve been 70’s or early 80’s. I think it came from the Dollar General Store or somewhere like that. Solid plastic, kinda wonky, perhaps a bootleg. He’s holding his left hand up in an open palm, he’s like an inch or two tall. I had it until pretty recently, I don’t know what happened to it…

  2. Ratchet, sorry, I don’t mean to step on your toes. Rocko, it sounds like you’re talking about the Hulk pvc put out by Durham in the late ’70s. That figurine stands out strongly in my memory because my younger brother and I had a HUGE fight over one back in the day, and it looked exactly like what you’re describing.

    BTW, those plushes are pretty cool. Managed to find them at my Target. My only regret is they don’t have a velcro seal on the back to change out the batteries.

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