Super Hero Mashers Hulkbuster vs Hulk (2015)

meme 90th 032

It wasn’t long ago that these first hit the pegs and I wondered if they were going to go the way of the Mighty Muggs.  Then, I saw these kitschy figures keep spreading throughout the isles and continue on, series after series.  It was obvious that someone high up loved the idea of these figures and they were going to permeate every pop culture toy line we love.

meme 90th 034

I picked up the Hulk, and regrettably… the Red Hulk.  The robot Hulk with A-Bomb pieces.  I even picked up the Whiplash figure that sports the Planet Hulk figure head.  How could you not?  It’s Planet Hulk!  This post highlights the Hulk vs Hulkbuster  set.  The Hulkbuster reminds me of the original Marvel Legends Hulkbuster figure and the one that was designed in the Hulkbuster’s first comic appearance.

meme 90th 033

Hulk wow 008

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