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Secret Wars MiniMates – Dystopia Hulk/Wastelands Wolverine (2016)

newhulk stuff 028

I told you this series sold like gangbusters – which it did – but I did not read it – which is true.  Mostly… I did read and enjoy Future Imperfect and Planet Hulk.  They were both hilarious, exciting and action packed – but, as always, paled in comparison to the original.  I tried out Infinity Gauntlet – but could not make it through the first issue – as well as Old Man Logan – but disliked that one.  A lot.  Even though the original Old Man Logan was both well written and memorable the mini was forgettable and terrible.  It did produce this MiniMates set – which features a very Maestro-esque Dystopia Hulk and Wastelands Wolverine.

newhulk stuff 029