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Hulk Appearances Volume #2: Cage #9/10

I have a theory.  It may not be totally accurate but since there is no way to really prove or disprove this theory I am freely going to declare it.  The past few years, reading the new Hulk issues hitting the stands left me with a vacant feeling that did not fuel me to write this blog on a consistent basis.  Instead of continuing to purchase new issues I’ve decided to dip into my long boxes and discuss some of the rarer Hulk appearances that don’t get discussed very often… if ever.  Today, it’s that 90’s gem Cage #9 & #10.


Luke’s been set up.  So has the Rhino.  They’ve been set up for murder by some glorified prison guards with technology that they shouldn’t have.  The Hulk has been alerted of the situation by Delphi (the Pantheon’s very own precog – except this one will not be kidnapped by Tom Cruise) as she spins some nonsensical, Nostradamus type stances.

When the Hulk arrives he catches up with Luke Cage, who has managed to keep the Rhino from ditching town by telling him to give him some time to redeem both their names.  The Hulk, not trying to embarrass Cage too much, doesn’t completely destroy him in the city-wide brawl they have but at the same time has a bout of bad luck with flooding underground tunnels.


Sure enough, Luke allows the corrupt guard, named Pascal, to spill the beans about his plans to create his own set of super-cops… as well as admitting, on a live newscast, that he in fact killed the guard.  Not the Rhino – not the Hero for Hire – and gets them both acquitted.  Unfortunately, the Rhino was under arrest when our story began and even though he was pardoned of the murder he still needs to serve his original sentence.  The Rhino isn’t very happy about this – and as he gets ready to trounce Luke Cage an intervening from the Jade Giant keeps the Rhino in his place.


While we are dealing with the merged Hulk in this issue we are still given a classic “Thunerclap” moment – as well an appearance from the Pantheon.  My favorite classic Hulk bit has to be the recall from Luke Cage that the Jade Giant used to call him “Fuzzy Hair”.  Not a bad set of issues – if you see them I suggest picking them up.


Thunder Clap Yes!
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname Yes!
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No