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Marvel Universe Galactus and Silver Surfer (2010)

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I was pretty selective when it came to buying the Marvel Universe figures but there was no way I would ever let a Galactus figure this amazing to get by.  The awesome might of this figure is, if you never had the opportunity to see one in person, is too much to ignore.  This is not the first Galactus figure Marvel produced – there was a Marvel Legends BAF that is impressive as well – but this fits into the scale of the MU way better than the ML did.  Not really, of course, seeing as the Planet Eater is too gargantuan to make to scale – but this as good a match up as we’re ever going to get!

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One of the best features of this toy is the electronic voice that booms from it when you press the button in the middle of his chest.  Even better, is the figure does not come alone.  Galactus could never work alone – he needs his herald – and thank goodness they choose his favorite of the bunch (but how great would it have been if they had chosen Nova or Firelord!).  This version of the Silver Surfer is the best version to get which is a shame the only way to obtain one was purchasing this pricey figure!  Of course, you could always eBay it – but hey, why would you want one without the other anyways?  Most of the Surfer figure we were served with has a flatter finish that was more grey than silver.  Not this figure though – he shimmers in the light like he’s supposed to!

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There is a darker variant to this figure – I’m not sure if it was an exclusive or not – but it never made it’s way to the aisle of my local TRU.  It’s a cool paint – but this is the classic – the better version – and the Silver Surfer’s paint job looks a bit silly to me.   Either way, if you ever choose to get this figure you should certainly looking to the bright purple and blue!  Even the grimace on the Eater of Worlds face is perfect.  It’s a substantial piece though – you need to have the room to display it.  Truly, though, one of the best offerings the line ever gave us.

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