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Boomcatz – Coming to a Store Near You?


Here is a mock up for an idea for a new line of mystery boxed figures by artist Tom Kennedy.  Keep in mind – these are just ideas floating around this guy’s head for a new line – not something that will be actually released.  Ultimately, I feel as though we have too many mystery box lines as it is – and Marvel Heroes as cats?  I’m just not feeling it.  Of course I would still try to acquire the Hulk kitty – but I can’t say for certain I would recommend this line to other collectors.

Keep in mind, it has nothing to do with the design or sculpt of each figure – in all honesty they look well done – it’s the idea.  We already have a Hulk Bear, a Hulk Rabbit (or Labbit I think they’re called) do we really need another Hulk animal based line?  I’m not so sure… but click the image above to be brought to the article featuring each feline figurine.

IDW Herb Trimpe’s Incredible Hulk Artist’s Edition (2015)

antone 2 039

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Along with the beautiful Sal Buscema book IDW released late last year they also released this gorgeous collection of the greatest Hulk artist to ever live.  The man was a true talent and gentleman.  Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting the man knew of his enormous generosity toward the fans who celebrated his work.  Nothing made me happier than to meet this man and see just how much he enjoyed conversing with fans.  I was lucky enough to afford a few commissions as well – my favorite being the Fixit cover he did for me:


This fantastic book gives you the opportunity to see his work in a new way! While enjoying the raw pencil and inks of each page from his illustrious career they showcase just how amazing of an artist Trimpe truly was.  You can get lost exploring the imperfections of a true master of the craft and studying the details he left to his many partners.

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In the book you can read a few complete Hulk issues including one of my all time favorites, issue #131!  Each issue showcases not only the original art for each page of the comic but also the inserts.  The pages are filled with the blemishes, yellowing tape and stains from yesteryear.  The handwritten comic notes scribbled across the top of the pages.

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Even better, the book is almost the exact size of the original art.  Like you’re reading issue from the pages handed to you by Mr. Trimpe himself.  If only the man himself was still with us,  I’m sure he would be humbled by how fantastic this book came out.  At the end of the book we are treated with scribbles, doodles and notes from Herb and his collaborators.  We are even given a small portion of covers from the master, including the greatest issue of them all: The Incredible Hulk #165.

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