Boomcatz – Coming to a Store Near You?


Here is a mock up for an idea for a new line of mystery boxed figures by artist Tom Kennedy.  Keep in mind – these are just ideas floating around this guy’s head for a new line – not something that will be actually released.  Ultimately, I feel as though we have too many mystery box lines as it is – and Marvel Heroes as cats?  I’m just not feeling it.  Of course I would still try to acquire the Hulk kitty – but I can’t say for certain I would recommend this line to other collectors.

Keep in mind, it has nothing to do with the design or sculpt of each figure – in all honesty they look well done – it’s the idea.  We already have a Hulk Bear, a Hulk Rabbit (or Labbit I think they’re called) do we really need another Hulk animal based line?  I’m not so sure… but click the image above to be brought to the article featuring each feline figurine.

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