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Wipe Your Feet Before Entering: A Year Worth of Cringe-Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 7

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!

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We all knew from the Hulk’s first encounter with the Wendigo that the creature had a real taste for raw meat.  Of course, we didn’t see the effects of Wendigo’s appetite until issue #272.  Bruce Banner, naked and freezing after being sent home from space (and introducing Rocket Raccoon to the MU) stumbles across an open cabin.  Walking inside he finds the cabin empty… or so he thinks until:


He sees the carcasses of a few of the Wendigo’s victims.  Hearing the Wendigo is a cursed cannibal is one thing – but to see the after effects is another!  It’s very reminiscent of the premiere encounter with Leather Face from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – another famous cannibal – where dead bodies adorn the house.  I can’t decide which is sicker though – making furniture out of the remains, as Leather Face did, or posing the skeletons in a drunken pose – and the very trendy his/her inversion exercise.

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