Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

New Hulk Lego!


I saw this a few weeks ago but wasn’t sure what it was until I saw the recent announcement coming out of toyfair!  Click the link for more info – but be warned… You can get lost looking at the pictures!  So much great stuff coming out!

New Hulk… Coming Soon!


Neca has a reputation for delivering some cool action figures – so the good news is that this figure is up for order!  This screaming Hulk is 2-feet tall and completely bad-ass!  Check out the paint up below – and click the image for the link to order it.  Click on the above image for more info.  Not too sure if this will go into the collection just yet – the price is a bit… pricey and the pants look a bit silly.  But we will see!


Three, Four or Five?


Exactly how many toes does the Hulk have?  In the early days of the Jade Giant it wasn’t such an easy answer!  Click the image above and witness CBR tackle this interesting phenomenon!