Incredible Hulk Metal Sign (2015)

meme 90th 025

There are quite a few new Marvel items at Hobby Lobby with a focus on decor for your walls.  Marvel letters – A through Z with a healthy helping of punctuation are available.  The Hulk is featured on selected letters/symbols and while I didn’t pick up any of the letters I did notice that the Hulk was the star of the exclamation point.  How appropriate!  The piece includes classic images straight from the Hulk’c very own self titled series.

meme 90th 023

While I agree there may not be a lot of moments that an exclamation point can be useful; when it comes to the Hulk I can’t think of a time when the exclamation point isn’t needed!  Especially when some of the art included is from the master himself, Herb Trimpe!  Check it out today!

meme 90th 026

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One thought on “Incredible Hulk Metal Sign (2015)

  1. I have two metal signs of the Hulk. One of the cover of Hulk 181, but I think it is not the original art cover (different Hulk face). I think you posted something about the two different covers of 181 a while ago.
    And the other as the King Size Hulk cover of Steranko.
    It is not possible to post photos in the comments, right?

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