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Good Read.


No matter what you think happened in the early days of Marvel one thing is certain.  With out Stan Lee being the face of Marvel the heroes we love so much would not be the household names they are today.  The Man hustled and bustled for the company he loves so much.  We will never know what actually occurred or how much the artist contributed and just how much Stan’s writing credits maybe we’re embellished – all we will know for sure is that Stan Lee helped, to some extent, create the Marvel Universe and for that I will be forever grateful!  The article does bring up some interesting points.  Good read all around.  Take the time to delve in and let me know what you think!

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Marvel Legends Thanos BAF (2015)

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These Build A Figures have been some of the best of the whole series.  That is, until the recent Red Skull Onslaught BAF.  But, hey – the BAF Thanos offered with the first Avengers ML series is based off the Thanos we’ve seen in the movies.  While it is a very cool figure, Marvel keeps up the tradition of mediocre paint jobs with with a much better version offered by the Marvel Select.  Yes, the Marvel Select version (complete with Lady Death) is the figure to get.  This is still cool – just not AS cool.

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