Mighty Micros: Hulk vs Ultron (2016)



I was on a roll this year!  But when work gets busy this site takes the hit with less posts.  Sorry about that kiddos!  In my travels today I did come across the brand new Lego Hulk creation!  I will say, I was super excited to see this at the Barnes and Noble I stopped at.  I was a bit disappointed at the fact that it was Hulk vs Ultron rather than Lego taking this opportunity to make a villain previously unseen… like Abomination (or Aquon!)


The new Lego line has no movable legs (and are a bit shorter) but the expressive faces help make these figures worth the pick up.  I did notice the absence of a second face on the head – an attribute a kind of liked – but even with without that feature the Hulk is still pretty amazing to behold!  The more animated face really sets it apart from the earlier Lego Hulks.  The Hulk and Ultron both come with accessories – Ultron with a wrench – which I am not sure is to be used for battle or to fix his car when it eventually breaks down.  The Hulk comes with… a chicken leg.  Wait, a chicken leg?  What the hell is that for?



The vehicles are certainly unique and the Hulk hands on his Hulk car make it an absolute classic!  While the spider-esque Ultron car is something out of a Fury Road nightmare!  I can see the Hulk arriving at the battle scene is his very intimidating Hulk fists car and everyone ready to retreat… until they look closer and see the Hulk chowing down on a chicken leg.



3 responses to “Mighty Micros: Hulk vs Ultron (2016)

  1. Maybe it’s Hulk turn to be the new Colonel Sanders?

  2. New commercial for Superbowl 51?

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