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Hulk Appearances – Volume 3: Comet Man #3

Yet again, we are exploring some of the more random Hulk appearances!  Last month we discussed Luke Cage’s 90’s solo title series – and this month we enjoy the crazy adventures of Comet Man!  By issue #3 Stephen Beckley still hasn’t figured out how to use his powers that he acquired from an alien named… wait for it… Max.  Original, right?


Anyways, Stephen is being pursued by the Bridge – I’m not exactly sure why and didn’t read much past this issue to find out – but apparently, on their way to… wherever they are bringing him… they run into an angry Hulk.  Boom!  sparks fly and the Hulk turns his anger toward the only remaining person – a shackled Stephen.


The following pages there is a pretty enjoyable brawl between the Jade Giant and the one that will eventually be called Comet Man.  Comet Man holds his own against the engine of destruction and, with the news catching the battle on camera, everyone watching is impressed.  Not everyone can go toe to toe with the Hulk and survive for more than a few seconds!  Also watching – an amazed Reed Richards.


Eventually, Comet Man uses his ESP to tame the rampaging beast – but that doesn’t last long as one of the douchebag mandriods attacks a dazed Banner.  The Hulk jumps away and the issue ends with Mr. Fantastic taking Stephen away to try and figure how to make sense of Comet Man’s new condition.


As an aside, the next issue contains a hilarious scene: While Stephen tries to figure how to use his new powers he finds he can teleport – and does so… into the shower while Jen Walters is occupying it.


Even though the series was not one of my favorites and I didn’t feel the need to pick up more issues these two issue are fun.  The Hulk’s scenes are brutal, action fueled and entertaining.  While there are no classic Hulk beats to speak of it should be of note that the Kelly Jones interiors are far better than the Sienkiewicz covers.

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Thunder Clap Yes!
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname Yes!
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No