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Super Hero Mashers Micro (2016)

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I can only imagine the meeting where the toy executives came up with the idea for “Mashers”.  The head guy (I call him the “boss”) says he need new action figure ideas and then he points to the new guy, who is completely unprepared, and says “Give me what you got!”

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The man nervously says “Well, yeah… ummm… I was thinking about the idea about, like, well… you know how heroes all have… arms?”

“Arms? Did he just say arms?” the boss says to the man sitting to his right.

“Arms. Yeah, well, what if they could switch those?”

“Switch their arms?”

“And legs, and heads.  Heads as well, yeah.”

“So, let me get this straight.  Say we have Spider-Man and we want to play with his body but we want Spider-Man to have the Hulk’s head.  We make figures that can actually do that?”


“That is genius!”

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And *poof* Mashers  were born!  Consider that same conversation but with it ending with “We can also make them smaller and call them Micro Mashers” with a similar “That’s brilliant” ending.

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The Micro Mashers have absolutely 3 points of articulation – but that’s not really the reason you buy these.  Of course, one of the reasons you DO buy them is to switch out the body parts and the legs are unable to be detached.  The Hulks do have different heads and one comes with a humongous Hulk fist – but still not sure if that really fits.

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