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Incredible Hulk Tsum-Tsum (2016)

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My daughter absolutely loves these things!  When purchasing a Black Widow Tsum-Tsum at Target I wondered if they had a Hulk.  A trip to The Disney Store confirmed my suspicion seeing not only a mini Tsum-Tsum but also a super-sized, asprin shaped, stuffed Hulk!  I picked up both but I had to pick up an extra for my son. Yes, the boy is fully talking now and says Hulk regularly.  It might have to do with the Hulk posters I have put in his room – but I like to think it’s just karma for me allowing my daughter to love Captain America over the jade giant.

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I’m not so sure that these little stuffed sausages are everyone’s taste.  They seem like a flash in the pan – much like Mighty Muggs was – but for the meantime they are worth a gander.  If you do choose to pick one up pick up the larger one – it’s cooler and less available.

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