Busy, busy, busy…

meme 90th 008

A few things are happening that is holding up my many updates due to this site.  First and foremost is the fact that I have a new computer since my laptop died.  That combined with this being an extremely busy time and it adds up to not being a conducive time for Hulk postings.  I do apologize as I have been keeping up generally well this year!  But I have a few hours and I’m taking the time to deliver and catch up with everyone out there!

meme 90th 009

I found these Hulk magnets a few months ago while in New Hampshire.  The very top magnet is favorite of the bunch.  The few other items I found are a light switch plate, a zipper pull, which I am guessing is used to… pull zippers?  Also, a small Hulk head tin filled with mints  – which also include little Hulk head shaped mints.  A Hulk head filled with mini Hulk heads?  Mind. Blown!

meme 90th 027

meme 90th 031

Last but not least I am showing off the Remote Control Hulk Smash vehicle.  When initially released it was a hard pill to swallow when it came with a $70 price tag.  I waited forever for the price to go down and it took a while before TRU decided to put it up for $60… but still I didn’t bite.  It was hard to pull the trigger even for $10 off.  Then it went to $49.99 online – and with a coupon and my discount it came to an earth shattering $35.00.  It was well worth it at that price as this car runs on a wireless remote and those huge Hulk fists smash to the ground, flipping the car over and over!

meme 90th 003

So, there you have it – a little catch up with a hope to have everything up and running again in the next week.  I have a new computer – I just need to set it up – and I will have more free time in the coming week.  Alright, Hulklings!  Keep it green!

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