Hulk and Cap Squirter Toys (2016)


Forgive the pics if they aren’t up to snuff but I’m doing most of this from my iPad.  I found these today at Walgreens – they had the option of Cap and Hulk or Spiderman and Venom – and while they are simple “Squirter toys” I got a real kick out of how the Hulk looks.  Everything from his high cheek bones to the absolute pleasure on his face to being chosen for the honor of being turned into a squeeze toy is hilarious!


I even marvel at the fact that the producers of this toy seemed to have put in the effort at making the top half of this toy detailed (down to his tiny abs) and left the lower half pretty indiscernible.  His purple booty shorts, reverse stigmata hands and halve slices for toes only add to the levity of this piece.  He even has two simple back boobs for that extra touch of realism!


Those looking down at this toy – I get it – it’s easy to overlook!  For me, though, this guy will hold a place along side the Play Town Hulk for its uniqueness alone!  We will always get another action figure or another poster or comic – but how many toy squirters as awesome as this one do you think will grace our existence?  Two, if we’re lucky!


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