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R.E.M. Simpson Figures (2014)

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One of the greatest bands in the world – R.E.M. – a band no longer (and trust me, I’m still upset about it) had the honor of being made into Simpson-ized figures from their 2001 guest shot.  I love every album so I had to make sure to get the figures.  Funny story, I couldn’t find them anywhere and finally was able to snag them at Zapp Comics.  On the way home I actually met Mike Mills at a rest-stop in Connecticut.  I told this story on my other blog here: https://ratchet.wordpress.com/ feel free to check it out.  I haven’t updated that site in a while.  Maybe I’ll have to get back to that.  This site takes up enough free time – but the other site was fun too!

more stuff 002