AoU Hulk Maquette (2016)


Is it just me or are these Sideshow Hulk statues getting worse and at the same time more and more pricey?  This Maquette sports some really tight spandex and an odd looking “mid-run” pose.  For anyone getting this $750 behemoth I only hope that you will get a perfect piece as SS has been having QC issues that are unforgivable with no real re-course if the pieces go bad.  Here’s to hoping!  Click the image to get more info.

Who is getting this one?  What do you think?


3 responses to “AoU Hulk Maquette (2016)

  1. Personally, I think the pricing are outrageous. But for some reason, some people are also paying for it.

    In the past year or so, I also see a lot of people complaining how bad their quality control has gotten, and I find many Sideshow pieces always being unloaded on the ‘bay time and time again – some selling and some getting recycled for sale for months.

    The only SS piece I’ve really liked so far is the Gladiator Hulk – but it’s way too big and way too expensive for me to chase it down.

    My two cents….

    • I have the gladiator Hulk and i do agree it’s amazing – I also have the original Premium Format and love it as well. Pricing has gotten far out of control but I blame eBay for that – mostly the people purchasing outrageous second hand prices.

  2. I hate the pose. That and the price is way too high. I’ll pass.

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