Alright my Gamma-Nerd Army… Amass!

Ugh… I should have said assemble, right?  It sounded so much better in my head!  Anyways, my good friend Dave – or JG to his gammabuds – runs the awesome Jade Giant blog all about our favorite emerald hero!  He has a question for the Hulk community out there to assist him answering a mysteryContinue reading “Alright my Gamma-Nerd Army… Amass!”

Boom – A Comic I Never Thought I’d Find… and I Found Two

A while a ago CBSI (Comic Book Speculation and Investing) laid out a list of some of the rarest comic books you probably haven’t heard of (Click on the image for the link).  Now, this is a great little list and all – even though it’s without statistics, numbers and it’s lacking of any factsContinue reading “Boom – A Comic I Never Thought I’d Find… and I Found Two”

Antone William Banner… My Little Hulkling

My son is a spunky little bugger – wild and crazy in every way.  He’s a handful but an absolute joy to have around. He’s going to be a little heart-breaker – you can tell already –  but until then I have work to do in trying to get him to listen.  As much troubleContinue reading “Antone William Banner… My Little Hulkling”