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Hulk Appearances – Volume 5: Doctor Strange #70/71


Being a teammate of the Hulk’s can never be easy.  He’s pretty much the friend in your group that is on heavy drugs.  You like him, know he’s a good person deep down but your scared to hell about what he is capable of doing!  The Defenders has always been an anomaly of a super group.  None of the team members actually WANT to be on a team together but when collected the main quartet can accomplish the impossible.  With those facts out in the open I bring you the Hulk guest shot in Doctor Strange #70 & #71.

The Hulk, being in the Pantheon, is out to save the world – but he’s having trouble getting some time to get any work done.  Especially when Strange, who is not actually Strange, comes beckoning Hulk to help him.  Funny enough, it’s the mention of a mutual teammate that alerts the Hulk to the impostor standing before him.  The evil Strange goes to find a host to bond with – seeking out the sidekick of all sidekicks.. Rick Jones!


The man with nine lives is confronted with the evil being but the Hulk comes to the rescue… until he himself is consumed with the dissolving doppelganger.  Rick Jones comes to the rescue as usual of his jade colored friend as he taunts him and the Hulk rages inside until he is control of his faculties.  When the evil Strange takes off the two old friends hang for a second to catch up.  Easily, the best part of the whole couple of issues.


These issues should be relatively easy to track down and even easier to purchase for a good price.  It’s not a bad couple of issues – and it has one of the grossest scenes I can remember – posted back in April – check it out if you want the willies.

Thunder Clap Yes!
Mind Control Yes!
Funny Nickname No
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No