True and Awesome

Usually Wednesday is suited for Hulk news but with it being a dry season in Hulk lore I present a few things I’ve found around the inter webs:




5 responses to “True and Awesome

  1. That first sentence is completely wrong and no truth behind it. It is just a comic book “MYTH” that folk can’t back up with hardcore comic book facts. Fact- the real truth is that Thanos has never knocked out Hulk ever in comic book history. They just assume that because Thanos has slapped Hulk around that he can beat Hulk easy. Truth of the matter is that Thanos has never really engaged in a long H2H combat with Hulk because he will get his ass kicked, so he will employ other power methods(infinity gems) to defeat Hulk. In comics the battle is usually cut short and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong with a Thanos knock out of the Hulk because NO issue exist. Beat several times ….HA!

    • You don’t reply very often anymore 465 – but when you do it’s so worth it! Hope you’re doing well good buddy.

  2. I live for a hopeful moment in the upcoming ‘Infinity War’ movie that Hulk slugs Thanos square in the jaw. I so badly want a “puny god” moment like that between Hulk and Thanos.

    • That would be bad-ass for sure! I just want a show down in the upcoming Avengers sequels that bring back the ferocity of the Hulk and spotlights him in a way that AoU missed

  3. @Hulk465 – I was really thinking the same thing…! When did we ever really see Thanos defeat the Hulk mano-e-mano…? The Wolverine quote is pretty good though…no doubt, if you’re not dead after a Hulk punch, then you’re a comic book heavy hitter….

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