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Hulk Super Hero Mashers

lex play 045

Not sure if anyone else out there has been collecting the Super Hero Mashers but I have purchased at least every Hulk figure.  The Red Hulk figure seems like a relic now as the Red Hulk has (thankfully) disappeared from the Marvel Universe.  I am not delusional into thinking we’ve seen the last of the Red Hulk – but one can hope, can’t we?

lex play 044

Skaar is also somewhat a relic – although still a more acceptable one, to me anyways.  The metal arm he comes with is a bit puzzling but at least there is a bad-ass axe that accompanies the figure.  I also like how he is not subtitled with “son of Hulk” almost as if the everyday person is aware of the character.

lex play 046

I only have Whiplash for the bad-ass Planet Hulk head that is included.  The beloved Hulk tale still reverberates through the whole Marvel franchise and the Mashers are no exception.  Unfortunately, we are only delivered a head and not a whole figure.

lex play 046 - Copy

The Robot Hulk (or Cyborg Hulk) pack is seriously fun.  It almost looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pack with the pizza and humongous cheeseburger as accessories.  Not that cyborgs need to eat but it helps with the illusion.

lex play 047

The other fun piece of this set is the inclusion of the A-Bomb – another relic from the Hulk’s dark period that is no longer a thing – but still made it into a molded piece of plastic.

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