Daily Archives: May 25, 2016

Marvel Relaunch! Again…!?


This is why I am glad I decided to get out of collecting new issues.  Too much flash and no substance anymore.  A new relaunch where all the books go back to #1 for a short and meaningless bump in sales.  If Marvel is going to treat books as if they are seasons of a TV show I wish they would just say so rather than making these “huge” announcements and expecting people to keep getting hyped up for them.  I don’t care anymore – and this is exactly why.  Kudos to anyone out there who is excited for this – but for me I am just curious to see if they return the original Hulk or keep with Cho Hulk.  Either way… blah…

If they are truly lookin to treat comics more like season in a television series they need to tell more story in their books.  Each issue of the new stuff (yes, I’ve read an issue here and there in the shops) gives you a tiny fraction of a story that doesn’t seem to finish!  It’s like getting 5 minutes of a show and waiting a month for the next 5 minutes rather than a full and great story which is, in part, only a snippet of a larger continuous tale.

Click the pic for the article – not that it tells you much.