Marvel Relaunch! Again…!?


This is why I am glad I decided to get out of collecting new issues.  Too much flash and no substance anymore.  A new relaunch where all the books go back to #1 for a short and meaningless bump in sales.  If Marvel is going to treat books as if they are seasons of a TV show I wish they would just say so rather than making these “huge” announcements and expecting people to keep getting hyped up for them.  I don’t care anymore – and this is exactly why.  Kudos to anyone out there who is excited for this – but for me I am just curious to see if they return the original Hulk or keep with Cho Hulk.  Either way… blah…

If they are truly lookin to treat comics more like season in a television series they need to tell more story in their books.  Each issue of the new stuff (yes, I’ve read an issue here and there in the shops) gives you a tiny fraction of a story that doesn’t seem to finish!  It’s like getting 5 minutes of a show and waiting a month for the next 5 minutes rather than a full and great story which is, in part, only a snippet of a larger continuous tale.

Click the pic for the article – not that it tells you much.

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7 thoughts on “Marvel Relaunch! Again…!?

  1. Every time I read up on what’s happening now in Marvel comics (Cap Hydra ?!) I am more and more turned off ….. A relaunch never heals the wounds of time wasted with garbage
    What is going on with these books ??Cho, Female Thor, Falcon Cap all have to go.

    My onlyhope is the Hulks appearance in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok

      1. Wow ! I can’t wait…..

        At least the Avengers films…so far…. are more on point.

        (though not liking the Hulkbuster taking down Hulk in Age of Ultron and that Thor should be written as far more powerful, …..) anyhoo….Great News !

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