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Watch Where You Swing That Thing!: A Year’s Worth of Cringe-Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 22

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!


When the heroes were “reborn” the Hulk was the only hero split into both universes.  A testament to the Hulk’s popularity?  Well, no – but I like to think so anyways.  The Hulk was both here and there – but there (being the new “reborn” universe) had a Hulk-less Bruce Banner.  That is until… well, another accident.  When the Hulk arrived on the scene it was up to Iron Man to stop this new Emerald Beast.


I’m not sure if they were just going for realism or they just felt the Marvel Universe did not have enough man meat showcased on the pages of their comics, either way, the Hulk first appeared on the scene ripped completely out of his clothes.  Even worse, he then fought Stark… still nude… for pages!  I have never had to fight a naked man – but I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be asking him to tuck it away while we wrestle.