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So… She’s a Dog: A Year Worth of Cringe-Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 25

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!


I’ve always questioned the message The Little Mermaid was sending.  Ultimately, when exposed as another species Prince Eric still loved Ariel.  He didn’t care that she was half a fish.  For me, I was confused – if the person we love suddenly turned into an animal are we supposed to look past that and and still love them?  Would that not look… odd?

Well, back in the days when gamma radiation still caused a different reaction in different people, Betty’s first exposure caused her to sprout feathers, wings and even large talons.  It’s like the time Venkman saw Dana turn into a dog.  You just can’t unsee that!  Thankfully, she got better…