This Guy is Off his Rocker!


Yet another actor who not only does not get the Hulk character but obviously fails to understand just how powerful the green behemoth is.  Click the pic for the article and them leave your thoughts in a comment here to tell me what you think.

2 responses to “This Guy is Off his Rocker!

  1. Don’t know if he’s drunk or high, but he obviously doesn’t know or understand either the Hulk or Crossbones. He said it himself: he has no superpowers, and I doubt there’s a weapon he could carry that would do any damage. Look what happened to Tim Roth when he took on the Hulk without any powers.

  2. I don’t know….Crossbones could trip the Hulk and win cause the Hulk would fall of the Earth. You know, because the Earth is flat and all.

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