Hulk Appearances: Volume 7 – Avengers #72 (487)-75 (490)


There is a funny thing about the Hulk going on a rampage and the heroes who try to stop him.  Everyone thinks they have the best idea to “talk” the raging monster down.  It happens more often than not that some Avenger will say the magic words that will sooth the savage beast.  The issue is – there is no talking to a time bomb.  They usually learn this the hard way which is un for the reader but has to be a real bother for said hero.

Hulk’s cousin, Jen Walters, never seemed to have this issue though.  She never “Hulked Out” quite the same way.  She was able to stay in control for the most part – but in this instance Jen is in search for Bruce Banner because she’s afraid.  She’s losing control and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

The Avengers are hot on her heels and try to intervene before her and Bruce can meet up.  The only thing is… Jen isn’t having any of it.  She “Shulks Out” when Scarlet Witch fails at talking her down.  Sound familiar?    Well, things get worse with the appearance of Hawkeye – who thinks he may be the one person to take the She Hulk down.  Sounds familiar, right?  Basically, She Hulk over powers everyone and destroys the little town she arrived at seeking her cousin.  The one thing Hawkeye is able to do is draw her away from the town and into the forest.


This is where Bruce is hiding out and he starts making head way in getting Jen to listen – but Hawkeye doesn’t let sleeping dog lie and she nails Bruce Banner with an arrow.  The Avengers thought it was bad having to deal with one Hulk – now they have two!  Even worse, the real Hulk is stronger and more destructive than his female counter-part.

One of the odder things that this issue offers is that Jen Walters spends the entire story lashing out in her bra and panties.  Even when the two Hulk square off Jen is stuck battling her cousin in her underthings.  Truth be told it’s all kind of… icky.  This issue does deliver some great moments including letting Jack of Hearts take the savior role – which, let’s be honest, how often does that happen?  All in all, this 4 issue story arc is worth every

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname Yes!
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” Yes!

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