Daily Archives: July 6, 2016

New Sideshow Hulk?


Looks like Side Show might just be releasing a new piece I might actually be interested in.  I did buy the Gladiator Hulk but that was a rarity for me.  I’m just not a fan of a lot of the pieces they’ve produced.  The image above was released today and it looks like I might be digging into my wallet and adding a new dio to the Hulk room!

Hulk Pins (2016)


I was excited to visit Disney this year – mostly because this was my children’s first visit to the magical place – but partly to see which Hulk pieces I could find at the park now that Disney owned Marvel.  I searched high and low – even at the Super Hero Depot at Disney Springs – and found very little to nothing.  I decided against the Hulk postcard depicting the cover to Annual #1.  I did find a few pins to get – and of those even one of them came from Disney.


The pin above came from the hotel we stayed at and to be sure, besides the Hulk hands, this pin was the only one I found.  I even strolled through the Lego store there and snagged a pic with the huge Hulk Lego:

IMG_0119 - Copy

The other three pins were found at the last minute at the airport.  Again, void of almost every other kind of Hulk merchandise, there were just a few Hulk pins on the racks.  My favorite are the two below.  A huge Hulk head and the 5 tiny Marvel figures, including the simple Hulk one – although the best one is the Punisher with his 5 O’clock shadow.