Hulk Appearances – Volume 8: Ghost Rider #49


I can’t really say much about Vengeance.  I know he was created in the pages of Spirits of Vengeance and Adam Kubert created his look.  At the time I just thought he looked a bit silly with larger spikes, bigger, sharper teeth, larger (and purpler) head.  He originally was a foe to both Blaze and Ghost Rider but at some point he decided to do some good.  Maybe because he was a detective before and realized the police are supposed to be the good guys.



Of course, who knows who is who and what their motives are until they come face to face with each other.  Such is the case in Ghost Rider #49 where Vengeance and Hulk meet for the first time.  In the rare case where the Hulk is the level headed one it’s Vengeance who strikes first and without real provocation.  He even takes cheap shots:


I couldn’t help think to myself as I read the pages “Oh, it’s another hero vs. hero who doesn’t realize they should be fighting together” issue.  And, the best part, this happened:

CCF01232016_0006 - Copy

The Hulk and Vengeance do end up teaming up and taking down a couple of baddies trying to take Vengeance out (or down).  In the issue we are also purvy to the fact that the real Ghost Rider is coming back.  This issue is one of the more entertaining guest spots that the Hulk has to offer.  It’s both funny and action packed.  Vengeance will never be one of my favorite characters – but the time that he meets the Hulk will be.


Thunder Clap Yes!
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname No
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No

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