Hulk Appearances: Volume 9 – Silver Surfer #125



Without Banner the Hulk has no humanity to keep him at bay.  The Silver Surfer was not aware of this anomaly until this issue.  Whenever the two have met while the Surfer was always impressed with the Hulk’s pure rage and strength, ultimately, he was no match for the Surfer’s cosmic power.  This meeting didn’t go as usual though – mainly because Banner was ripped into another dimension.


The Surfer, after years of soaring the space ways, has finally returned to Earth.  One of his first encounters is with his old teammate, the Hulk.  The Hulk is angry though – and Banner-less – and the Surfer can’t seem to get the idea until he tries to return the emerald giant to his human form… only to realize that there is no human form there.


The Hulk believes he is dying but the Surfer realizes the truth.  This issue directly follow the events of Hulk #450 where Strange confronted the Hulk and the Heroes Reborn storyline was finally unfolding the returning to Earth – meaning there are two Hulks that will inhabit the same universe… at least for a few brief instances.  It’s about a decade later when the Hulk and Surfer will tangle together again.

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname No
Hero vs. Hero Yes!
“Hulk Smash!” No

One response to “Hulk Appearances: Volume 9 – Silver Surfer #125

  1. Absolutely one of my favorite comics! Love when Hulk stomps on Surfers face and SS does everything he can to transform Hulk back into Banner, with no avail! Love it!

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