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Q Fig AoU: Hulk (2016)


I have been trying to narrow down the hard choices of which monthly subscription service to finally commit to.  Loot Crate was the first I heard of but, from the reviews from close personal friends who are apart of it, I’ve also heard that lately it’s getting to be not worth it.  Marvel’s Collector’s Corp seems like the obvious choice but most of the boxes didn’t hold my interest.  We will see though…



My good pal Corry, who owns Zapp Comics, handed me this little nugget on my last trip to good old NJ.  He told me it came out of the latest Loot Crate – a great little figure that seems to litter eBay with pages and pages of auctions.  Cheaply, I might add.


This solid, stylized figure has no articulation but it’s cool and unique all the same.  The Hulk, stomping into the concrete ground below him, looks pleased with himself.  The pose strikes me as just landing from a large leap and, from the look of his haircut, he’s looking to have a night on the town.  It’s a great figure that is worth a few bucks plus free shipping.


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