Grey Hulk Tsum Tsum (2016)


It’s almost impossible to talk about these things without sounding like a little girl so I’m not going to even try to make them sound manly.  In the craze of little, useless, plastic figures to collect, ie: Shopkins and Uggly Dogs, Disney has thrown their hat in the ring with their Tsum Tsums.  What started with plush figures that ranged from cute and tiny to large and ridiculous they have now premiered these oblong pill figures that are hard and plastic and come in three sizes.  They are labelled as “Common”, “Lucky” and just to get the blood really boiling, the exciting “Super Lucky”.


They have only released the Grey Hulk even though the package features the Green Hulk but it’s the medium sized Grey Hulk that is the “chase” figure.  The tiny and large sizes are pretty easy to find even though the large is considered “lucky”.  To tell the truth, these are darn cute – and my daughter loves them.  There are blind bags of them but we all know how much I hate those pesky blind bags!



7 responses to “Grey Hulk Tsum Tsum (2016)

  1. Did you get them all in one pack or have to buy 3 packages?

  2. AS I feared. I found the green Hulk this weekend. It will be an expensive project to put this set together I think

  3. Target and probably Disney (I found them at Target). You can buy the mystery packs (one piece) but I am not a fan of that. The grey Hulks were out in series one and series 2 is out now with the green. So I take it you scored yours on the Bay? How much was the set? I am thinking it would be cheaper to go that route.

  4. I figured that was likely the case. Well, the greens are out – time for wave 2!

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