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Cat’s in the Cradle – A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 39

We’re still chugging along with this freight train – is it possible to finish out the year?  Only I know the answer to that!  But this week we’re discussing the most shocking death of the Hulk mythos:


Since we’ve known about Brian Banner he has been an evil bastard that tortured Bruce throughout his entire life.  In the -1 issue Peter David served up a fitting and deserving end to the brilliant but abusive prick.  Bruce and Brian final encounter happened in the cemetery where Bruce’s mother was buried.

CCI08262016_0003 - Copy

With emotions high the two scuffle and it ends with a nasty blow to the head that Banner Sr. doesn’t get up from.  Bruce was always a sympathetic figure but this time his past uncovered a disturbing secret that Bruce wanted to forget.