Little Boy Blue – A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 43

Peter David, as his time as the epic Hulk writer, like to push the envelope.  None was so obvious when he decided to write about the age old question: If you had a chance to kill Hitler before he became Hitler, would you?


A boy that would grow up to bring about a new genocide was targeted by the Pantheon.  Aggy, in all his brilliance, sends Achilles to kill this boy before he can grow up to be an A-Hole but also sends the Hulk to protect him?  Sort of?


Well all the good that does because it turns out in the end that David wrote in a fail safe ending.  The boy dies but no one kills him.  Wait – that’s wrong – a lot of people kill him.  Actually, they don’t even kill him – and he’s not even the real bad guy.  Listen, it’s a lot to explain but just read the issue and see this little boy almost get trampled to death.  Man, Peter David must be a hoot at kid’s birthday parties!



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