It Takes Two – A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 44


Granted, the Ultimate Universe was made for writers like Jeph Loeb – writers who would rather create their own continuity than be bothered to learn the character’s past – it seemed like a win/win for everyone!  Sort of like a DC Elseworld’s story, the Ultimate Universe was a chance for new readers to jump into a comic world that had the same basic characters as the 616 but without that pesky history that made them so… what’s the word I’m looking for?  Oh yeah, great.


A few of the Ultimate storyline’s were worth the read – Ultimate Human comes to mind – but also Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine.  This is easily the most exciting mini Marvel ever released – mainly because the first issue ended with Wolverine being ripped in HALF by a cannibalistic, savage Hulk.  It was gruesome, gnarly and downright awesome.  Of course, waiting the years to come for the final few issues to see the light of day might’ve been even more cringe worthy – but, ultimately, the only real memorable scene from the whole story is this moment.  So memorable that years later Ed McG put his own spin on the classic moment:


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