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Hulk Guest Appearances – Volume 11: Dazzler #6/7


In order to get readers to read more comics someone at Marvel had the brilliant idea to incorporate the lasting trend of Disco into the comics.  Not just that – they created an entire new X-Man character that uses her “music light” to fight off the bad guys!  Holy crap, is that really a thing?  Yes, that’s really a thing…


In fact, Dazzler #6 had the lead character begin the issue with her band replacing a last minute call out of a Country-Western band.  If there is one thing we all know it’s that those two genres of music are completely interchangeable.  Moving on, Bruce Banner is there to sneak into a lab and freaks out turning angry and green.  Dazzler tries to fight the Hulk with her light power.  After everyone watching stops snickering at the display of her “awesome” power the Hulk escapes and runs amuck on the campus.  In fact, look at the Marvel Wiki page and my favorite line is – “The Hulk overpowers Dazzler, in spite of her light powers, and goes on a rampage through the campus”


Moving on, the Hulk continues the rampage through issue 7 until Dazzler sees the Hulk playing with puppies and realizes he’s not just the monster that the army thinks he is.  She uses her light powers again – but this time to calm the Hulk down and make him turn back to Banner.


All in all, a humdrum couple of issues with one of the worst superheroes of all time.  Even the Hulk’s funny nickname for Dazzler is boring!  He calls her “Silver Lady”.  Even though Hulk never actually utters his Hulk Smash catchphrase he does say “I will smash” a few times so I let it pass.I know she has her fans and all – but goodness gracious, please let this character fall into obscurity where she belongs!

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname YES!
Hero vs. Hero YES!
“Hulk Smash!” YES!