Cat’s in the Cradle II: A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments – Week 46


In 1997 we all know the Hulk never had a child – but in the Annual that year he comes face to face with little boy that everyone is convinced IS his child.  When Doc Samson brings the boy to the Hulk the Hulk reacts in the most inappropriate way possible:


Blame his upbringing, blame the fact that his father didn’t treat him very well, i.e. abusing him, killing his mother right in front of him, etc, etc… blame the fact that the Hulk was always the more abrasive side to Bruce Banner – blame whatever you want – but ultimately the Hulk treats this boy – well, this alien “clone” of sorts, a remnant from the Trojan War – but no matter how you slice it this has to be in the top ten of worst things to say to your alien copy, dna replica, clone copy sort of thing.  It could totally screw him up!

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