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Wearing your Heart on your Sleeve: A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments – Week of 47

Last week we had a moment from the ’97 Annual – we’ll keep it going with the Hulk getting ripped a new one by the Gladiator.  The Hulk facing off against cosmic characters has always been a tricky gamble.  While the Hulk is the strongest one there is dealing with a character with such enormous powers such as Nova, Silver Surfer and Firelord.  So, when the Hulk faced off against Gladiator I know many people were wondering how it would go down.


The Hulk and Gladiator were able to trade devastating blow after devastating blow – with a kill shot by Gladiator with his eye beams right to the Hulk’s chest.  We were given a shot of Gladiator’s point of view which showed the Hulk’s open gaping chest wound:


Of course, that didn’t stop the Hulk.  The fight continues on and gets even nastier – but check the issue out for yourself to see what happens.  You won’t be sorry!