Is that a Disguise?


I will admit I don’t remember everything about the Red Hulk series – but one of the most glaring things I do recall is that Thunderbolt’s mustache burns off when he transforms.  It’s one of the reasons his identity was able to be hidden for 2+ years.  The other glaring issue with the Red Hulk making a comeback in a new Avengers series is that… well, last we saw the Red Hulk he was “cured” by Doc Green.

Is this Marvel ignoring its own continuity again or do they explain this regain of powers somehow – and in doing so why he is able to keep that bangin’ porn ‘stache?

Either way, look for the US Avengers coming in 2017.

Published by ratchet

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6 thoughts on “Is that a Disguise?

  1. It’s not Ross. Apparently it’s Dum Dum Dugan.
    Looks like it’s back to the old anyone can be a Hulk rubbish 😞

  2. As someone who finally stopped Marvel minus Star Wars books, they basically “fixed” the Universe with Secret Wars. I wondered why Doc Green was allowed to “fix” everything. It was all going to be erased in the fake “reboot” which wasn’t a reboot. Just make sure you do not read Totally Awesome Hulk, The way Cho becomes the hulk is ridiculous. Ended my 31 year run of reading the Hulk books good or bad.

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